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250W Gear Hub Motor eBike KIT

Classical and popular ekit for city bikes. Suitable for V brake, Disc brake. High efficiency, and smooth & quiet in running.



Details about 250W Gear Hub Motor eBike KIT




(FM.G250D) 250W Gear Front Motor

250W Gear Front Motor
Model: FM.G250D;OLD :100mm





(DP KD59E) LED Display

(DP LED890) LED Display

(DP KD716) LCD Display


(DP KD58C) LCD Display

(DP LCD7C) LCD Display

(DP KD51C-D) LCD Display





(BT.HL) Frame Type 
Lithium Battery 

(BT.RC) Rear Rack 
Lithium Battery

(BT.EF) Seat Post Rack 
Lithium Battery

(CHG C01-36/48V/2A) 
Li-ion battery Charger




(CR 24/36/48V 14A) 
6 MOSFETS Controller 

(CR 24/36/48V 10/20A HL) 
Customized Controller




 (SR-KTBZ-10B) 10 magnets PAS 



(SR-KTD12L) 12 magnets Detachable PAS




(BR AL.M-1) E-Brake




(TR-1) Throttle




(EB-1T4) Bus Cable



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