250/350W Gear Integrated Motor eKIT

This integrated hub motor ebike kit helps you easily convert your bike into an electric bike. No need for spokes, users can easily get the bike wheel assembled. This model eKIT is a very popular item and it is suitable for commuting, city, mountain, and beach bikes.



Details about 250/350W Gear Integrated Motor eKIT




250W/350W Integrated Gear Rear Motor 
Model: RM.IG20.250D;OLD:155mm





(DP KD59E) LED Display

(DP LED890) LED Display

(DP KD716) LCD Display


(DP KD58C) LCD Display

(DP LCD7C) LCD Display

(DP KD51C-D) LCD Display





(BT.HL) Frame Type 
Lithium Battery 

(BT.RC) Rear Rack 
Lithium Battery

(BT.EF) Seat Post Rack 
Lithium Battery

(CHG C01-36/48V/2A) 
Li-ion battery Charger




(CR 24/36/48V 14A) 
6 MOSFETS Controller 

(CR 24/36/48V 10/20A HL) 
Customized Controller




 (SR-KTBZ-10B) 10 magnets PAS 



(SR-KTD12L) 12 magnets Detachable PAS




(BR AL.M-1) E-Brake




(TR-1) Throttle




(EB-1T4) Bus Cable



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